Close your legs, Ladies.

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Close your legs, Ladies.



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I am writing from the year 2016, a new era of life.

From the start of the 1900s no one probably had a clue of how life would be in 2016. So much intelligence mixed with so much stupidity. New technology and new terrors. New medicine, new celebrities, and new fashion statements more provocative then ever imagined.

Rich people controlling the world and the other half working their butts off to eat a meal.

Life is new in 2016 and it is different.

One thing that is really different is the sexuality of people in 2016. It seems as if sex is seen everywhere and practiced everyday by almost everyone. Sex is going on so much that diseases are spreading through humans because so much nasty shit is going on and people are spreading so many diseases.

Sex has become meaningless in 2016. Sex is so easy to get.

The reason I say close your legs ladies is because I feel like we can still make sex special. Do not get me wrong! I love to have sex, but I do not like to have sex with different people at the same time.

Call me old school, but I want a real MEANINGFUL relationship with a man. These days that seems hard to find in a man. All because sex is so easy that even if you have a good man sex is being thrown at him left and right.

A lot of men have girlfriends, but are talking to other women. I say that because ever since I have become single guys have been hitting me up. Even guys with girlfriends! This pissed me off.

Why do guys do that to good women and take their female for granted?

My last relationship, he took me for granted.

All I am saying is that if you have a good woman and if you have a good man , keep that mother fucker.

Do everything in your power to be happy together and make each other smile. Be a support system, a great team!

Ladies close your damn legs because some of ya’ll be smelling like fish.

Hope you enjoyed my tips!

Every new chapter in your life is a new start

Every new chapter in your life is a new start



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7 Essential things to know about women

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7 Essential things to know about women

7 things to know about women

Men love women, but they do not understand women. People get into relationships because of good looks without really getting to know the person. Knowing things about the opposite gender can help you a lot when in a new relationship. The following are ten things about women as a gender than you may have not known before. I know these because I am a woman myself.

  1.      Naturally Nurturing: Women are caring people, sometimes caring a little bit too much. When someone is nice to us and takes an interest in us we get excited. We get emotionally attached, unlike some men. We naturally want to take care of someone else and make sure they are happy. Men take this to their advance and take advantage of the vulnerability of women. As a woman, you must understand the difference between a sincere man that really cares about your and a man who just talks the talk but does now walk the walk.
  2.      Yes means No: When you ask us if we are OK and we say “Yes,” but in a not so good tone of voice, that means that all hell is about to break loose and that everything is “NOT” actually ok. We want you to take responsibility for your mistakes, MEN, and make up for them. Communication can be hard sometimes, but men need to understand to read the tones of voice of a woman instead of the actual word itself.
  3.      No means yes: Well, this applies sometimes, not all the time. The same as above applies specific to the tone of voice we give you when we say “YES,” or “NO.”
  4.      Tell us we are beautiful: If you care about us you will do this for us. We tell you how handsome you are all the time, return the favor and boost our egos. Trust this. The more you tell your girlfriend or wife she is beautiful the better you will see your relationship go. When we are told we are beautiful we feel better about our relationship and ourselves. We acknowledge that our men are telling us a compliment and we want to return the friendly gesture too, in some way. That may be surprises, gifts, and more.
  5.      Tell us you love us: Again, this applies to the same concept as above. The more you tell us you love us the more we will want to do things for you. The more you tell us you love us the more we will trust you. But one thing is forsure, YOU HAVE TO MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. If you are a lying, dirty, cheapskate then please do not tell your woman you love her because you are a horrible person.
  6.      We bleed and it makes us angry : Women have monthly attitude and you must understand why. When women go into puberty they start to have periods, which is a good healthy sign that a woman is ready to have babies. However, if at moment of conception fertilization is not met then the egg travels through the fallopian tub and gets washed away with blood during a woman’s period. When this happens woman get side effects that include: cramps, bloating, and nausea, These side effects put us in really bitchy moods between 2-7 days. Be nice to use between these days and we will try to be nice back, but understand what we have to go through on a monthly basis.
  7.      We have babies: We have the superpower to create life in our bodies. It also comes with a price of sacrificing our bodies for our children and baby daddy. Our bodies morph into a baby making machine. Our bodies stretch, swell in places you never thought possible, pain, vaginas get stretched opened, vaginas sometimes rip, our boobs get bigger to produce milk, and much more. This is pretty intense so men be grateful for women, especially your mothers.

Beyonce and the Superbowl

Beyonce and the Superbowl


For concerts and sporting events, officers usually sign up for the events for some extra cash. Since the release date of Beyonce’s tour no officers have signed up to work her show. It is weird because her show is expected to sell out.

That would be an issue if there were was a huge concert but no security guards. WOW.

I wonder if the police are mad at Beyonce because of her Superbowl stunt. The coordinators of the concert say that they will have security in time for the concert because they have that responsibility. They say that those slots will be filled within the next few months.

It might be a little clear that some of the cops are booty hurt with the perfomance by Beyonce, but the show must go on. Someone will be getting extra cash that night. and a lot more people will be enjoying her show live. Man I wish that I could go.

The Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club take on Movie


The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club, a movie written and directed by John Hughes, is a movie about five teenagers who have to spend a Saturday in detention together. Each member is very different from each other as they all belong in different school cliques and seem have absolutely nothing in common. Their principle assigns an essay where each student must write about who they believe they are and leaves the teenagers alone for a long period of time. As the hours pass the adolescents begin to reveal some secrets and open up to each other. They all discover that they are not so different after all and share the same fear of making the same mistakes as many adults around them. According to author Kim Gale Dolgin, she describes how adolescents form social structures that start to define who they are within their own social world and/ or against the world of adults as well.

During their stay in detention, the five members start to develop friendships, but they seem to believe that after detention is over they will depart back into their original cliques and never speak again. Adolescents go through stages of personal development over their lifespan and the major task that they face is trying to find identity. They are in search for goals, self-understanding, and sense of unity (Dolgin 2011, p.49).  As the teenagers begin to move away from their parents, their friends, and peers play a important influential role in the importance of belonging, being included, emotional security, as well as status and reputation with motivating factors. The five students in detention represent five different stereotyped groups.

Claire is the popular girl, Brian is the geek, Andrew is the jock, John is the rebel, and Allison is the loner. The confines of high school status groups are what separate each character into a specific category. Stuck in detention, creates a division where each clique can be set aside. “ Self- concept also implies a developing awareness on a person’s part of who and what he or she is. It describes what individuals see when they look at themselves…” (Dolgin 2011, p. 150). Each student knows that they belong in “different worlds”, but as members of the breakfast club they are allowed to move beyond these social norms and distinctions. They intermingle with one another, learn details of their lives setting aside all the stereotypes, and finding commonalities.

Thought Emotion

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Thought Emotion

Thought Emotion


Throughout the week my ability to recognize my positive and negative thoughts became easier as I began to interpret them. Most came during soccer practice when my coaches give feedback or my teammates tell me what to do or change on the field. I usually think that my coach does not like me, but lately I have come to interpret that they only make changes and give feedback to better the team. They are not picking on any one individual, but changing what needs to be changed to improve the team for the better. I sensed a great change in my thinking, especially more positive thinking than negative thinking.

I did have more negative thinking occur, but thankfully I was able to change that negative thinking and negative emotion before it was too late. Some positive thinking also occurred when I asked myself why some teachers give out random homework assignments and I interpreted that as they just want their students to succeed. I did the assignment and was glad because I was able to learn a little bit extra of something that I did not know that may in fact help me sometime in my future.

The benefits of recognizing this kind of thinking in everyday life is that if you look at things differently you will understand better why some things happen and others do not. Everything happens for a reason as some people say and it is better to look at those reasons positively then negatively. This way when you have an understanding of what is going on you are living happier instead of confused and stressed out.

Luckiest girl in the World.

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I’m the luckiest girl in the world.


Why, you ask?


Because I was blessed with an amazing family. I have a mom and a dad who are currently together. I have two brothers. And three dogs; two chihuahuas and a pitbull.


I have a grandma and grandpa, Uncles and aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews.


I’m the luckiest The luckiest girl in the world .