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In less than a month I’m going to be turning 25 wow that’s something. I’m very grateful that God has given me the opportunity to live this long. I’ve witnessed family go, and I’ve witnessed friends go way too early and sometimes it feels like it’s not fair but only God knows the reason to which they left us so soon. You want to take those moments and just be grateful for what you have and understand that everything the progress and if you put your mind to it you can achieve it but you have to remember that it’s progress and not an event it’s not gonna right away.

Yes to be motivated daily and believe that you can do it you have to have no doubt whatsoever in your mind you can’t. That word that shouldn’t even be in your brain. Well let me tell you update year 25 a lot of things are in your brain.your family your boyfriend your parents everything is constantly on your mind. How you’re going to gain financial income for the rest of your life is constantly on my mind. Why do we make life so much more difficult for ourselves. Your family your boyfriend your parents everything is constantly on your mind. How you’re going to gain financial income for the rest of your life is constantly on my mind. Why do we make life so much more difficult for ourselves and not something I want to change in my 25th  year of life. This year I want to make the most memorable last year I asked for a great boyfriend and I got it. This year honestly I want to travel the world and the first thing that needs to be done is to make some money so that I’m able to travel comfortably and for long periods of time. To be able to enjoy my vacation and not have to worry about was the next meal I’m going to eat or the cheapest hostel that I have to find in Italy. I want to do things I want to go to different states and see different sites I want to have a memorable life’s a memorable 25th year of life. The main thing I want to be able to say to myself for my birthday year is that I did it. That I succeeded in my goals. I am very grateful for everything that I have now but always striving to be better because you should always strive to be better. I hope my boyfriend surprise me with a trip or even sell gift cards to Barnes & Noble so I can get some books are definitely one trip. So we’ll wait and see until September 2 and I’ll keep you updated.


As a kid whenever you’re driving and you see a limo car right next to your car on the freeway you are pretty much amazed.   Limos are cool but you often assume that only rich people are able to drive or have a limousine. That is not true. Anybody is able to rent a limousine for special occasions such as birthdays, prom, romantic getaway,  day vacations, weddings, bachelor parties, and so many more occasions that you can rent a limo. And when you rent a limo you feel like you’re on top of the world like you are high-class and people should respect you. If you go to prom in a 1950 almost broken down Volvo then people are going to look at you and laugh. Special occasions or meant for people to feel special and a limo definitely make somebody and their friends feel special. If you want to good limo service with one of the best quality customer service is that you ever had that I would suggest you go here to the limo site that I have loved and valued for over five years.Y ou want a good limo car that is shining outside and clean on the inside. You don’t want to limousine where somebody has thrown up and you can still smell the throw up when it’s your turn to drive a limousine. Now that’s nasty. You want to make sure that the limo service that you have cleaned the limo up and down from the party before. You want to feel good. The best limo ride from was Sacramento Limo. You can get to there site: HERE. I hope my birthday is as special as riding in a limo. 

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The Breakfast Club Wed, 03 Jun 2015 06:40:13 +0000

The Breakfast Club take on Movie


The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club, a movie written and directed by John Hughes, is a movie about five teenagers who have to spend a Saturday in detention together. Each member is very different from each other as they all belong in different school cliques and seem have absolutely nothing in common. Their principle assigns an essay where each student must write about who they believe they are and leaves the teenagers alone for a long period of time. As the hours pass the adolescents begin to reveal some secrets and open up to each other. They all discover that they are not so different after all and share the same fear of making the same mistakes as many adults around them. According to author Kim Gale Dolgin, she describes how adolescents form social structures that start to define who they are within their own social world and/ or against the world of adults as well.

During their stay in detention, the five members start to develop friendships, but they seem to believe that after detention is over they will depart back into their original cliques and never speak again. Adolescents go through stages of personal development over their lifespan and the major task that they face is trying to find identity. They are in search for goals, self-understanding, and sense of unity (Dolgin 2011, p.49).  As the teenagers begin to move away from their parents, their friends, and peers play a important influential role in the importance of belonging, being included, emotional security, as well as status and reputation with motivating factors. The five students in detention represent five different stereotyped groups.

Claire is the popular girl, Brian is the geek, Andrew is the jock, John is the rebel, and Allison is the loner. The confines of high school status groups are what separate each character into a specific category. Stuck in detention, creates a division where each clique can be set aside. “ Self- concept also implies a developing awareness on a person’s part of who and what he or she is. It describes what individuals see when they look at themselves…” (Dolgin 2011, p. 150). Each student knows that they belong in “different worlds”, but as members of the breakfast club they are allowed to move beyond these social norms and distinctions. They intermingle with one another, learn details of their lives setting aside all the stereotypes, and finding commonalities.

According to the stages of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, these five teenagers seem to being in level two, conventional stage: Social norms and the good boy/ good girl attitude.  They enter detention filling in their own individual social roles as they each believe they are perceived by others. As they begin to learn about each other, I believe that they begin to move into the Post- conventional stage that is marked by the realization that individuals are separate entities from society, and some individual’s perception may be conflicting with societies principles. In the film, Brian was asked to write an essay asking who you think you are. Instead of writing on this topic he writes to the teacher that he has already judged who each adolescent was and that they will not accept anything different. I believe that this is a stage six, Universal ethical principal act, because it reasons that they commit to justice (detention), but with an obligation to disobey unjust laws (the essay).

As the movie comes close to its end, they make as seem as though the adolescents have gone through an experience like no other that has changed their perspectives about others and their cliques. It is still unsure that they will stay in contact after detention, but when Bender puts on Claire’s earring it seems assume so.

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Thought Emotion Wed, 03 Jun 2015 06:38:00 +0000

Thought Emotion


Throughout the week my ability to recognize my positive and negative thoughts became easier as I began to interpret them. Most came during soccer practice when my coaches give feedback or my teammates tell me what to do or change on the field. I usually think that my coach does not like me, but lately I have come to interpret that they only make changes and give feedback to better the team. They are not picking on any one individual, but changing what needs to be changed to improve the team for the better. I sensed a great change in my thinking, especially more positive thinking than negative thinking.

I did have more negative thinking occur, but thankfully I was able to change that negative thinking and negative emotion before it was too late. Some positive thinking also occurred when I asked myself why some teachers give out random homework assignments and I interpreted that as they just want their students to succeed. I did the assignment and was glad because I was able to learn a little bit extra of something that I did not know that may in fact help me sometime in my future.

The benefits of recognizing this kind of thinking in everyday life is that if you look at things differently you will understand better why some things happen and others do not. Everything happens for a reason as some people say and it is better to look at those reasons positively then negatively. This way when you have an understanding of what is going on you are living happier instead of confused and stressed out.

I did not sense a lack in everyday life from this activity. This activity would be very useful for those individuals who have a negative outlook on life and everything about it. Those who believe that everyone is out to get them and that they have the worst luck in the world, also those who suffer from depression and suicidal ideation.

These individuals always have negative emotions thus are always unhappy, but if their thought interpretations of certain situations changed then their emotion and response will change as well helping them towards a happier life. This could be done in therapy of just in everyday life situations.


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Luckiest girl in the World. Thu, 28 May 2015 04:12:57 +0000


I’m the luckiest girl in the world.


Why, you ask?


Because I was blessed with an amazing family. I have a mom and a dad who are currently together. I have two brothers. And three dogs; two chihuahuas and a pitbull.


I have a grandma and grandpa, Uncles and aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews.


I’m the luckiest The luckiest girl in the world .


To have a loving family that supports you, cares about you, feed you, and put a roof over your head, it’s a blessing. Not everybody has this.


It makes me want to become a better person for having such a good family for them.


Cherish every moment you have with your family because you never know The last day that you will see them.


Laugh and make jokes, tell opinions,  talk about life, communicate.


Family is love, love is family.

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